Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I Am Because We Are

I am a freelance artist. I know my craft... painting, drawing, design... But, when it comes to building my business brand, like most newbie entrepreneurs, I had to learn social media skills, marketing, sales funnels, email promotions and a whole slue of other things to get my business online. In the process of learning, I have had to weed through all the B.S. to find the real nitty-gritty. I have made my share of mistakes, trusting the wrong "Guru", or by wasting time on programs that don't work.

It is so easy to get discouraged, and even jaded by those those stories of "experts", selling their "Easy-to-follow, money-making systems" with their web pages plastered in all their luxuries... the new Bentley, the huge fancy mansion, the new exotic vacation... whatever.

The point of that rant is this... even though we can be overwhelmed by the bad-ugly on our business journey, every now and again we come across truly inspiring stories of those who are making a difference in the world.

One of those stories is UBUNTU Life. I only read about them recently from Zazzle, the online site where I sell my prints. They just partnered with Ubantu, and will be making the world’s first customizable African Espadrilles. But that is not what makes this company special. It is their core value that makes them shine.

Ubuntu is a South African word that means ‘I am because we are’. It is all about interconnectedness and meaningful relationships. All of the "Afridrilles" shoes are handmade-to-order by Kenya mothers, many of whom have special needs children.

Ubantu is empowering women by helping them achieve financial independence. They teach women valuable skills, and provide meaningful jobs with above-market wages with health benefits to help them support their families. They are creating sustainable change that is improving lives of special needs children and braking the cycle of poverty and bringing these kids life-changing care and education. Ubuntu-made products support social impact programs in Kenya creating a positive shift from the stigma surrounding disabilities and health in the region.

And just like that, my faith in humanity is restored.

I invite you to visit their store and read more about this wonderful organization.

Photo Credit zazzle.com/heart

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