Thursday, December 26, 2019

Crafting Season Is Over

Wow! What a whirlwind of a year! From October to November is when most of my attention is focused on crafting inventory for the Christmas craft shows. The funny thing with craft shows is that you never know what kind of audience you will get. Last year I sold out of my Grinchy ornaments, but didn't sell any etched glass. This year, the etched glass plates and wine glasses practically flew off the table and the ornaments just hung there looking cute.

But, now that the Holiday Craft Show Season is over, the presents unwrapped, and the eggnog poured. I spent some quality time with my family and friends, and now its time to focus on the new year.

Time to set goals, and make those New Years resolutions. My design and production schedule is in my desk planner and I am filling up my first quarter quickly. (I use Google Calendar for reminders and such, but nothing beats a big colorful planner to keep all your goals, notes and ideas. Not to mention washi tape, gel pens and STICKERS!) I love the personalizable - is that even a word? - planners at Zazzle. I didn't design any this year, but there are so many artists who did and so many styles to choose from.

I have some great designs in the works for Valentine Day, and St. Patrick's Day and I will be relieving them in a few weeks. Also there are some exciting things in the works for McCarron Art & Design this year. Stay tuned. So, follow me on  any of my Social Media platforms. you won't want to miss these.

Until then, Happy NEW YEAR 2020!

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