Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fun with Watercolor Class - Tower de Eiffel

It was an absolute pleasure to have these lovely ladies in my Fun with Watercolor Class this afternoon. Look at these fabulous artists! Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me, and creating these amazing paintings! BEAUTIFUL!!!

I hope everyone had as much fun learning as I did teaching it. Every single one of you painted a masterpiece that should be framed and proudly displayed! I also hope that I was able to inspire you to continue exploring the creative possibilities of watercolor painting and build on the techniques you learned today. Set your inner artist free!
Right to Left: Dottie Davis, Janna Scarborough and Ellen Harbin-Dabbs
at Generations Emporium and Spiritual Community Center in Johnson City, TN.

Good Quality Watercolor Paper

A good quality watercolor paper makes all the difference!

Both paintings were made by me, using the same techniques, same paint, same brushes... the only change was the paper. Notice how, in the bottom picture, the wet into wet pigment pools and creates uneven toned grainy splotches when dry. The water also caused pilling of the paper, like someone used an eraser too hard.

Both papers are 140 lb, cold press, watercolor paper. The top one is Strathmore 400 series. The bottom one is Canson XL (for watercolors). I won't be buying that again.

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