Monday, October 3, 2016

Fundamental Watercolor Techniques - October 12, 1-3pm or 6-8pm

Fundamental Watercolor Techniques - October 12, 1-3pm or 6-8pm

On October 12th I will be teaching Watercolor Fundamentals. There will be an afternoon class (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm) and an evening class (6:00 pm - 8:00 pm).  The evening class is no longer available.

$20 holds your seat!


Payment Options

You will follow along with your instructor, and explore, hands on, basic watercolor techniques with a local watercolor artist, whose works have been on display at several galleries in the tri-cities area.

We will also be discussing kinds of watercolor paints, different watercolor papers, and various brushes. 

On October 12th I will be holding 2 Watercolor classes. One in the afternoon and one in the evening.

You will leave with a better understanding of the medium, and your own 8x10 painting.

Space is limited for this very popular workshop. 

Young Adults Welcome.

The cost for this 2 hour workshop is $25 for instruction plus $20 materials fee. 

A deposit of $20 will secure your seat. The outstanding balance is do the day of class.

Please email me to sign up.

I accept payment via paypal

You can also stop by ArtCurious Gallary, (2362 Boones Creek Rd., Johnson City, TN) and Aleta will be happy to assist you. Just let her know that you are interested in the watercolor workshop. Be sure to check out her other class offerings, and the beautiful artwork while you're there.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

I just have to rant a little bit to my artist friends. I am super excited about my Watercolor workshop next month. I taught art to Jr.High and HS kids back in college as an intern with a wonderful artist and mentor Jean LaChance (Her blog --> but, then I graduated and went on to persue other things.
I am teaching this class for a few reasons.

  1. I welcome the opportunity to overcome my glossophobia - just a big word meaning fear of speaking in public.
  2. I love watercolors. I enjoy creating with all kinds of mediums - oil, pastels, acrylics, ink, pencils, chalk, you name it, I used it! But, watercolors are my favorite and I want to spark that passion in others
  3. Watercolors are fun, easy to use, and, compared to other art forms, fairly inexpensive to get started with them.
That brings me to my RANT!
I want to keep the class affordable for everyone. But, I got a few FB messages after my event post was published, wanting to know the quality of the brushes and paint that were included in the supplies. They implied that I was ripping people off and a $20 class fee was too high for 2 hours, a pan of paints, and a few nylon brushes!!! I had replied nicely to one of the messages, that it was a BASIC class for BEGINNERS. I will be teaching some simple techniques using several styles of brushes (included in the price) and then putting those techniques to practical use by composing a painting on good watercolor paper (also included in the price of the class.) But, if he had a BETTER paint set or BETTER brushes that he would like to learn how to use properly, please bring them with him to the workshop, but he was still required to pay the $20 for the class.

For the record... After the rental cost of the space, the brushes, watercolor paper, the inexpensive paint set, paper towels, and other items no one thinks about... i.e. cups for water, plates for pallets, etc. I will be lucky to break even after this class. This is a community event that I am doing from the kindness of my heart, to encourage creativity and promote the arts in the Tri-Cities area.

I told myself not to let it get to me...BUT IT DID! I was up last night thinking about it, and getting angry, and then pissed, and worried that these haters would convince others that I was cheating them or some other such nonsense. So, now I rant, rave and vent.... and let it go!

ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Serenity now!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Self Portrait in Watercolors

After finishing the Heron, I needed some inspiration for my next painting. I started looking at my art history books, and paintings of the old masters. Specifically the artist's self portraits.

Almost every artist, from "great masters of the Renaissance" to Modern Artists, whether he/she was known for their landscapes, still lifes, people, abstracts or something else, did some sort of self portrait.

I had done a self portrait drawing years and years ago, Looking back on it, after I just recently rented the movie "Big Eyes", I my have been somehow subconsciously channeling my inner Margaret Keane, although I knew nothing about her or her work back then. Interesting!

Drawing and painting PEOPLE has never been my strong suit. But, I did just say I wanted to try something new, although, sitting in front of a mirror, painting myself definitely does not appeal to me. Then it occurred to me... these historical artists were simply taking a selfie using the tools of the time, before cameras or more accurately cell phone cameras.


Using the modern tools I have available to me, I took a selfie....

Using that selfie...Placing complimentary colors next to each other makes shadows and highlights "pop".

And here is the final result...

This is my new BRAND Profile Picture. I love it!

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