Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Self Portrait in Watercolors

After finishing the Heron, I needed some inspiration for my next painting. I started looking at my art history books, and paintings of the old masters. Specifically the artist's self portraits.

Almost every artist, from "great masters of the Renaissance" to Modern Artists, whether he/she was known for their landscapes, still lifes, people, abstracts or something else, did some sort of self portrait.

I had done a self portrait drawing years and years ago, Looking back on it, after I just recently rented the movie "Big Eyes", I my have been somehow subconsciously channeling my inner Margaret Keane, although I knew nothing about her or her work back then. Interesting!

Drawing and painting PEOPLE has never been my strong suit. But, I did just say I wanted to try something new, although, sitting in front of a mirror, painting myself definitely does not appeal to me. Then it occurred to me... these historical artists were simply taking a selfie using the tools of the time, before cameras or more accurately cell phone cameras.


Using the modern tools I have available to me, I took a selfie....

Using that selfie...Placing complimentary colors next to each other makes shadows and highlights "pop".

And here is the final result...

This is my new BRAND Profile Picture. I love it!

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