Saturday, June 8, 2019

Hook Around Earbuds Using SUGRU

They say that Necessity is the Mother of INVENTION. This post is about a hack that I don't even know will work. But, I thought I would document what I did and why, just in case it does turn out great and becomes the next "Million $ Idea". I did it first!  😁

The Problem

I have a nice set of ear buds that came with my Galaxy S9+. They are apparently meant to be worn with the cord over the ear and least that is what I was told, and they do fit in the ear better worn that way. But, there is nothing holding the cord over the ear.
Cell Phone Over the Ear Cord
Maybe its just me, but pushing ear buds tight into my ear canal actually starts to hurt my head if worn for long period of time. But that is the only way these seem to stay in place, and even that doesn't keep them there. 

My favorite hook on earphones
I have a favorite pair of cheap Sony earphones that I absolutely love. They don't go deep into the ear, and they have a plastic hook that loops over the ear to keep them on. BUT, they are listen-only, not the kind with a mic for phone calls. 

 💡*LIGHT-BULB goes on over Kim's head*💡

"Make hooks for the phone ear buds that will hold them in place!"

The Solution

That's a great idea, now how do I do it? After mulling this over for a day or two, I remembered a really cool product called Sugru, that starts out as putty and turns to rubber when it dries. I used it a few years back to secure my loose charger wires from braking, and a few other things. 

What if I wrapped the ear bud cord in Sugru and molded hooks??? 

I ordered an 8-Pack of Sugru in their new mixed colors last week and it arrived today. Each packet is a little smaller than a business card, and holds .17 oz of single use putty. I was pretty sure that each side would take the whole packet, so instead of having two different colored hooks, I mixed the yellow and green together, for a cool marbled effect before splitting it into equal parts. 

The putty is highly malleable, with the consistency of bread dough. I rolled the putty into a snake about 3 inches long and pushed the cord into it from the bud. I folded the edges over the cord and smoothed out the seam. 

Then, using my Sony head phones as a guide, I formed a hook shape. I also flattened the cord just a little bit.

*If you are trying this project, keep in mind that it has to sit for at least 24-without being disturbed. I used a sheet of copy paper on top of a large hard cover book as my work space. I could then pick up and move the whole thing to a safe place, out of reach from the cats and dog.*

This is what it looked like BEFORE the Sugru is dry.

24 Hours Later...

These are the final results. They don't look much different than the photos above, but they feel VERY different. They are rigid and firm, and keep their shape when they are picked up.

They stay on my ears much better.

What Would I Have Changed?

I might have made the snake rolls a little thinner. I was worried about working fast in order to finish before it set. So, I didn't rake the time to make them "pretty". I mean, they are cute, but you can see finger nail marks, and areas where the seam was not completely concealed. However, the truth is, it took about 4 hours before they started to noticeably set. So I could have spent some time cleaning up the edges.

But, all in all, I love them. They work great, and I love the pop of color it gives. I will be doing this project with my future pairs of ear buds.

Thanks for crafting with me!

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